If you think proofreading is something for you, you can join our project as a proofreader. If you are not registered yet, you must first do so. Then you just need to send us a request.

Of course, a good knowledge of grammar is a prerequisite, so a short example of the text is prepared you are supposed to correct as you do with the author's text. According to that, we will know whether or not we will use your abilities.

How it works?

Before a book is possible to be found in our library and to be downloaded, it must go through a particular process. It all starts with your registration and becoming an author. Then you can start using our new WEB-EDITOR . To facilitate your orientation, we have created a manual in which you can read how it works. If there were anything that you would not know how to deal with or you would need some advice, you can ask a question and wait for our answer.

After finishing your book and putting the final touches to it with the help of the proofreading, nothing prevents you from sending the book to the world. As soon as it appears in the library, you can watch the information about its popularity and the other statistics.

Thanks for your support. We appreciate it!