Full control of the proofreader

As you already know, it's possible for the proofreader to look into your work and to comment on it while you are still writing it.

Another, much faster, option is to hand full control over to the proofreader. This option is only allowed if you have already finished writing your book and do not want to prolong its release. In such case, full confidence in your proofreader is also required. He or she will have direct access to your work and can edit any part of the text.

So, if you consider the last synchronized version of the book to be complete, click on "to hand the full review over to the proofreader." (in My Creation section -> Publishing).

From now on, the proofreader has the right to edit your work. When the book is ready for release, the control will be handed over to you again and you will be able to complete the release process.

Thanks for your support. We appreciate it!