Transferring milestone to another story

In order to connect the parts of the series, a mechanism was set up to transfer information about the progress in one book to another book.

It enable you to create game situations in which you will respond to the process in another book.

In this example, you create the first part of the book – Knowledge, in which the reader searches for a fabulous place where he gets acquainted with the afterlife and learns to communicate with the ancestors. In the next part of our book - Beyond the World, you want to create a part where the reader comes to the clearing. As an uninitiated, he will not see anything interesting, only a tree in the middle of the clearing. But if he learned to communicate with the other world in the first part of the book, he will see mystical beings walking about and debating with each other. The story of the second book can then unfold in a completely different way. Ability to communicate with ancestors can be crucial to revealing the point of the second book. So, the reader will not be able to complete the second part if he did not get this ability in the first part.

A few tips for using milestones through different books

  • Milestones transferred to other books do not have to be defined in the end state. But it is a good habit that will later lead to clear arrangement.
  • Including the name of the book into the name of the milestone as its prefix, that is KNOWLEDGE_haveAbilityX instead of haveAbilityX, facilitates the orientation in milestones, too.

In the first book - Knowledge, one of the final states also includes the fact that the reader has got the new ability.

In such state, define a new milestone.

For clear arrangement, name it with a prefix made of the name of the book in which you define it.

Then assign it to the state and tick the green arrow, which indicates that you want to use the milestone in another stories.

If you publish a story created like that, you will be able to refer to this milestone in other books..

Then create a second story in which you want to find out if the reader has learned to communicate with his ancestors in the first book . The working title of the new book will be: Beyond the World.

So, create a situation where the reader is coming to the clearing and, depending on whether he or she has the ability to see the ancestor or not, he or she will be moved to the right state.

Load the milestones from the previous book. Click on Load milestones and find the story from which you want to use milestones on disc.

A message displays informing you which milestones have been loaded.

Then just respond to the milestone as usual.

Thanks for your support. We appreciate it!