Publication of the book

It is necessary to accomplish the following steps before you publish the book.

Complete proofreading

Before the book is published, the proofreading must be complete.

If the 100 % of the indicator of proofreading are green, the next step can be taken.

Checking book information

Let display the book detail.

Then, check the data. The abstract that appears will be used in the library. If you want to publish the book under a pen name, check the "use a pen name" option. In this case, the author's real name will not be published, but the pen name stated in the profile.

PIf you have a book cover ready and you have not uploaded it to the server yet, do it now. The selected cover appears on the right. If you do not have the image for the book made yet, it would be good to create it as soon as possible. Either you can ask someone skilful who you know or contact us. We will hand over this task to our graphic designers who will be happy to do so.

Submitting the book for the final review

You did all the necessary things before adding your book to the library, only a few steps are left. In the Author menu → In progress, a new option is displays for the book which is being published: Submit the book for release.

After submitting the book, it will automatically be checked by our robot. If it reveals no serious errors in the book, it will be handed over to us. We carefully analyze the logic of the story, and if everything goes well we will publish the book in the library.

If we have any comments, we'll deal them with you in detail.

Thanks for your support. We appreciate it!