Synchronization and work with proofreading

If you synchronize your story, the current state will be automatically saved to the server and the backups of your work will be created.

It is advisable to assign a corrector to your work as soon as possible, especially in order to draw attention to stylistic and logical errors soon.

Open your semi-finished story.

Select "Synchronize" from the Server tab.

You will be invited to fill in the login data.

You may also be asked to add important information (you can make the same window appear in Settings -> Story Settings).

Fill out the information (name of author, edition, title, and initial state). The initial state, or its ID, is the state number in which the reader starts. Abstract and Epilog are optional at this time.

After the completion, repeat the synchronization.

Information about the successful synchronization is displayed.

After the story has been synchronized, it is loaded on the server. It is advisable to synchronize it (for example, at the end of the day) every time you advance with your work. So you will have your story backed up in case something happens with your computer.

At this point, you just have to wait for the proofreader accepts your offer.

After he or she accepts it, the proofreading process is going to be displayed.

Korektor má od této chvíle přístup k tvé práci. Od teď v Editoru uvidíš vždy aktuální stav korektury.

  • Red: the proofreader did not comment on the status.
  • Orange: The corrector has made a note/notes on the state and is waiting for your reaction
  • Yellow: all notes were commented (mistakes corrected and added a short comment to the solution OR mistakes left and added a justification for this decision)
  • Green: the proofreader concluded this state and is satisfied with it.

After the proofreader has read some part of your work, his opinion is displayed.

To display his or her notes simply double-click on the state or use the right mouse button and then choose "edit the state". The status window with the proofreading will be displayed.

In the Editor, the state in which you corrected/commented mistakes turns yellow, which means that it is up to the proofreder to approve the status (in that case, it turns green) or to add additional notes (in that case, it turns orange again).

Of course, you must not forget to synchronize to get your notes and the corrected version back to the proofreader.

Thanks for your support. We appreciate it!