Author's career

Remunerated involvement

Become an author
Write a book
Make money

If the product of the author is really good and the readers like it, the author is allowed to sell his book in our library and profit from the made effort.

Each completed book is placed in the library to be downloaded for all readers for free. Feedback is carefully monitored, and if the book appears to be popular, we contact the author and arrange with him or her, whether he or she wants to keep his book being available for free or to be downloaded only for a charge.

1. Write a book

At the beginning, it is absolutely necessary to write your own book, of course. If the book is successfully completed, there is nothing to prevent it from being published in our library. From the moment it happens, it will be accessible to all readers.

2. Quality survey period

Every book must pass through this period. It serves for evaluation of the quality of the book by readers. The potential price of the work can be then deduced from that. Feedback can also help to decide whether the book is suitable for translation.

3. Sale decision

If enough reader feedbacks are gathered, we will offer you the opportunity to start selling your book. We will help you with setting the price at which the book will be available in the library and we will answer any further questions you may have about the following process.

4. Supervision of the book

Then, the period follows when it is possible to monitor how many readers have bought the book and what is the resulting fee. That, of course, is fully dependent on the number of sold books. If the work is successful, earnings will be paid periodically to the author's account.

Thanks for your support. We appreciate it!