Holder EN

The Holder was created to extend the ability to evaluate actions without interacting with the reader. Though it does not seem, it is a powerful tool that brings a lot of possibilities.

You can add it with a right-click → add HOLDER.

There are some rules that you have to observe if you want to use the holder:

  • - z holderu smí vycházet jen jedna akce
  • - v akci, která vychází z holderu, nelze upravovat popisek pro čtenáře (nikde se nezobrazí )

It would seem that the holders only limit us, but their benefits are great.

Holder - as redirecting one action to another

For example, if you want to make a more interesting evaluation of a sequence of events, you can do it for example like this.

The character goes through a corridor full of junk. His dexterity determines whether he treads on the sleeping cat's tail or not. If so, the cat wakes up with a shock, rattles, mews but whether it wakes the guard or not, is just a matter of chance. He can sleep with a deep sleep or just snooze.

Instead of a holder, there might be just the normal state here, but if it were, you would have to inform the reader first that he had awakened the cat and then let him choose from the only one action. It would probably be something an action like "to continue". If you want to avoid that, use the holder. The reader will not notice it. Since the Holder immediately redirects the hero to the action which is based on it. For this reason, only one action can be based on the holder and the description for the reader can not be added because it will not appear anywhere.

Holder – creation of separated starts

Holder can be a tool for creating separated starts for the particular gangs, races, nations etc. This issue is described in detail here: More complicated story branching – use of selectors.

Thanks for your support. We appreciate it!