Character creation

In each story, the reader/player appears as a character. A hero that has its own history , its characteristics and its conviction. It moves in a world where different races or nations can live. Some inhabitants of these worlds profess various religious groups, sects, or gangs.

Therefore, you have also the opportunity to create a number of these choices in your world.

In the Settings menu, select Character.

The first option is to create a Selector.


With this mechanism, you can add any "selection property". A typical example of such property may be the religions, families, races, gangs, nations ...

For example, there are nations living in the world. Their territories are separated by the border line and there is a certain animosity between them for centuries. The character lives in the border area. The player can choose which nation he or she belongs to. For example, the northern nation is more martial, hefty men and a muscular women. The southern nation, because it is rather weaker by nature, relies on its superior intelligence and ingenuity.

So if the player decides for one of these nations, the character's qualities are adjusted. As a Northerner, a bonus to strength and resilience is added, but intelligence is reduced. Set a bonus in the opposite way to the Southerners.

On the ground of the sum of basic character's qualities and bonuses, the individual events in your story are evaluated.

(See Akce : roleActions: Attribute role)

Note: it is possible to create any number of nations, but it is always necessary to have the possibility to choose, so the minimum number is set to 2.

So, one of the features of the character is a nation, and before the reader begins to devour your story, he will be asked to choose one of the nations you entered. It is appropriate to mention both the nations in the prologue so that the reader can learn more about them and make better decision.

The nation you created does not necessarily have to adjust the character's attributes. The selector can also be used to branch the story.

(See Action: Selector's role)

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