More complicated story branching – role of attributes

Every one is different – someone is big, someone is small. Someone is smart, strong, or skilful. Someone is not.

Each character, before it begins to experience its story, gets some attributes (see Character). Even in your story, such features can play a role. If it is necessary to defeat the enemy in the fight, the stronger will be doing better. If it is necessary to go through the sleeping creatures, it's better to be more skilful. When the character comes to persuasion, the charisma makes a lot of difference...

So let's imagine the situation where the hero needs to get unnoticed close enough to the guard and take his bundle of keys from his belt. This task can be linked to the skilfulness of the character. If it turns out well, the guard will not notice anything. Otherwise he will sound an alarm.

With the right-click, the context menu appears and you can select the Attributes action.

Fill out the working-title and the description text for the reader as usually. Below select the attribute which the actions will depend on. In this case, it's dexterity. Then it is necessary to set the average difficulty of the task. The number represents the percentage chance which the "average" person would have.

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