More complicated story branching – use of milestones

A simple mechanism has been created to connect the story again after it had been branched into different storylines and to keep the information about what the character has gone through, as well.

After Ben's travel experiences, whatever they were, Ben arrives to Tom's. They have not seen each other for a long time, so Tom is convincing Ben to sit together and drink.

Thus, the player is deciding whether he let Tom be convinced or he would rather go to sleep. If he decides to go to sleep, he will sleep well. If he prefers to drink until the early morning, he will not sleep too much. But Ben wakes up in the same morning. Except for his fatigue, everything is the same.

For this case, we are going to create a "milestone". For the condition where Ben slept well, click the right mouse button, the contextual menu will appears and choose Add the milestone.

Click the green plus to name the milestone and confirm.

Now, we will know if Ben went to sleep or he did not even when the story later joins one line again. An infobox appears at the status, that shows the milestone.

So Ben sets out back to the city and experiences his story. Later, he will arrive for the job interview.

We want his success to depend on how Ben spent the night. If he is sleepy, he will not concentrate and fail at the interview. With the right-click you can display the context menu and choose the option "to respond to the milestone".

Fill out the working title and the description for the reader as usually and choose from the menu, which milestone you want to respond to. Then fill out the numbers of the states where the character moves if this "milestone" in its history exists (Ben is sleeping - he succeeds), or does not exist (Ben is tired - he fails).

Thanks for your support. We appreciate it!