States and simple transitions between them (simple actions)

You can create a new state by pressing the right-hand button of a mouse on the blank screen and selecting from the context menu.

A window will appear, which you can fill in with a working label (it is intended for the author only, readers will not be able to see it) and with the text of the state (the reader can see there where he is, what he sees and what he is thinking about).

Click on the "ok" button and the status will appear on the screen.

Use the same procedure to create the second state where the player moves from the first one.

You have two states done and now just add an event after which the reader decides to go by bus.

Click on the symbol for adding simple actions.

Drag the arrow to the second state and click the state to which the action will bring us. You will be asked to fill out the action name (only for the author) and the description of the action for the reader.

Then click "ok" to display the action on the screen.

Proceed in the same way and add the second choice of action for the readers. So, create the second state - Train.

And add the action you want to offer to the reader.

In this way, you can branch the story variously and create complex stories.

Thanks for your support. We appreciate it!